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Proud To Be Muslim Stamp by drDIGITALhamodiIran Stamp by Persian-ArtDon't be an extremist D: by ChikitaWolf

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♥ B I O ♥

Yasamin | 15 | Female
-Paint Tool SAI | Adobe Photoshop CS5 | Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet

-hi my name is Yasamin but you could call me Silvia or Snow-
im an Iranian, 15 year old teen that loves cartoons, cold, staying at home, animals and small shiny things! i have a really short attention span while doing things and forget easily and act like a total noob. im a muslim yet im not too religious yet i still pay the attentions needed to it for the sake of my afterlife and im really sensitive about it too so as long as you dont mock and respect my religion ill do the same for yours, if you had any at least . im a BLUE freak cause you'd hardly find a work that wouldn't have that color in it, at least my personal work. drawing is my hobby and i had no one to teach it to me, i learned out of cartoons that i used to watch as a kid, and i know English because aside from my main country and language i was raised in England due to my fathers work in the embassy. i like writing stories or making comics too but im still young and im practicing for my future projects. friends and friendship really mean to me as long as you dont go too fast... i cant get all goodie goodie with people i just met and its gonna be awkward for the both of us.....but don't hesitate to talk or ask questions i dont mind, im pretty kind and fun once you get to know me<3
if you wanted my FaceBook or Skype you HAVE to be a long time friend with me cause i dont feel comfortable giving them away to anyone..... but even if you wanted pretty please ask in notes hun.

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yes sorry but i have to.......
OK OK i had to write SOMETHING for you people to look at this goddamn journal!!


dont think im crazy for doing this!! you'd do anything if someone close and precious to you was hurt or in danger but Noooooo you cant help any other person in need of desperate help!!! 9_9 -rolls eyes-

you just cant understand when someone says they're about to even "DIE" i didn't wright 'Im gonna die' for the title of this journal cause i knew no one would take it seriously........sigh look people.......i failed at helping her........and i dont want anything to happen to her.......and i cant even say that im scared for her to 'die' cause one...shes fighting it so so so SO strongly......and second.....maybe she might actually even come to the point where she'd feel like that would actually 'free' her!........but id be more scared of her condition that she has freaking CANCER and a few mental problems because of all the pain and stabs shes gone through since she could remember that you cant even begin to imagine!! how would you like to be stuck in a house with all these problems and not even a penny to save yourself from ANYTHING really! shes needs money help to save herself from this disaster! and now it seems like her laptop is added on top of it all  No more laptop ...The laptop is broken, we tried everything to safe it, but against my wishes my uncle removed Windows 8 for Windows 7 - the computer crashes after showing a blue screen and refuses to reboot. This is a laptop that's not even one year old. An Asus N-Series, I got it from a client here on dA - I can't put it in repairing because my uncle removed the original version that was installed on my laptop. 
It means my warranty is expired - all the laptop is good for is accounting and weak games. 
This really saddens me, they offered me a 'loan' to pay off a computer - but I keep thinking: "This is hard, I can not afford 65 euro's a month for the next two years ..."
In the same time this is turning me more depressed and I'm noticing I'm getting more down - I need help, I seriously do, I can't deny it anymore and I can not work on this small weak laptop on huge commissions, this laptop barely made the recent image of 'Fe'Ather' it was difficult and I can not livestream without being boot

please post this on your own journals too.........just post a simple thumb of 'this' journal if you have to.........please... help her! if you cant, then by re-posting this journal find someone that could! her! help her......

I can't do it anymore alone ... EDIT - EXTRA EDIT
Edit: Wednesday 24th of July:
Extra Edit:
Been working very hard for a 'Dutch Furry Convention' for coming Saturday, I kind of felt my 'art jig' back with listening to binaural & isochronic beats for creativity and sleeping - I woke up more happy and more in the mood to work even when I'm exhausted like hell, I'm still in so much pain but I'm trying really hard, I've got to admit it's been so many years, since I worked on so many artworks in a week. I'm publishing them all Saturday evening and then I'm hoping after recovering from the journey (CFS) I can start finally on all those commissions and work also on the website. With Fe'Ather finished (not posted yet, only on Patreon) 1/3rd of the new website design is finished. 
Edit thuesday - 22nd of July:
Went today to the doctor/hospital - my kidney's need closer examination including my bladder, CT-Scan and a CAMERA will be placed in my bladder the 5th of August, I'm so ... scared when they said:
   Spoken like a 'true has-been'I don't feel so good, … all this stress is killing me and I don't dare to talk anymore about my pathetic life – I try to look forward to positive things but when you get a debt-colector for 12.000+ euro's and you pay a little to late and it increases, it's just making me hurl, … 
I try so hard, I made a patreon, I'm posting on other places and I'm saying it again, I'm a true has-been. I'm 'old' – not 'original' anymore, that when I make a drawing, someone has to point out I stole the clothing, while you want to know something, I wanted to study 'Fashion Design' but yeah, that didn't work out and it hurts when people point out.
Because people point out, I have to look for inspiration both online and offline and yes, people sometimes inspire me that of course you guys go like: 'OMG copy!' no, it's not a copy, it's an inspiration and I'll write it along if it is, I'm cracked, broken – you got me where you want me. So please just quit it. 
I have no
   Carrie Phox for SALE - SOLDNothing but pain the past few weeks - even when I was in the US I had pain at my left kidney.
Now, I'm still waiting for my doctor to do something, ... the fair is up and I went with Kevin to it, I went after two rides (he paid ... ) home, like a broken 'dishwasher' I couldn't put my purse on my left shoulder anymore, cause my hand would let everything just .. 'Go' and 'DROP' - so, the pain is really bad lately, that I'm taking pain killers, specially made for not harming your kidneys, 
I guess the past surgeries didn't matter, I got the same problem but more pain then ever before. 
I kept thinking: 'What's 'NOT' wrong with you?' 
I'm laying down, I tried to livestream but my pain was taking over and I just couldn't, ... I couldn't, I don't know what to 'do' or 'buy' so I can sit straight for a few hours so I can work for a change ...
I had the debt collector, those in the livestream saw the amount I need to pay, I'm not joking about it. 
Problem is, I can not affor
   Shocked ... SuicideI am literately shocked at how many comments my 'poll' has gotten about 'suicide' In less than a few hours I've gotten over 60 comments - not my replies included. 
Is my artwork getting THAT bad? That almost no one wants to reply a critic? A mistake? 
Does no one want to talk to me? ... 
I talk about 'suicide' - people immediately go like: 'You aren't considering it are you?
It was a friend who did this - the comment slowed down the moment I changed the title. 
Not only am I shocked about what happened but also I don't get many comments as I used too on my artwork - thinking many have left dA or simply put: 'I'm not good enough anymore.' despite every day I have at least a new watcher.
Just tell me that I suck alright? 
My head hurts, I'm exhausted - ... I don't understand this - ... 
I'm shocked, ...
Do I need to make a poll about my illness? To find a solution, to find someone to get me out of Belgium? I know I'm being harsh-f
  • Mood: Anguish
  • Listening to: Sami Yusuf
  • Reading: A Series of Unfortunate Events
  • Watching: Kuroshitsuji
  • Playing: Rayman Legends
  • Eating: Donuts
  • Drinking: Hot Chocolate


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